Purchasing TVS from MM Liquidations couldn't be simpler.  Once you decide on the sets you want follow these instructions:



Email a copy of your order. Specify the number of sets you want and which sets you are buying. Send the email to .  Include the following :



  • Hotel Name

  • Address

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number



Once the email is received and a delivery quote has been given an invoice will be emailed to you.  Please sign the contract below and return it via email  All sets are covered by a 6 month replacement warranty as outlined in your contract.  Failure to sign and return it makes your warranty null and void. .


No payment is due until the time of delivery.  All sets will be delivered by our driver and placed into a storage room.  Due to liability issues we can not bring the sets into individual rooms without an installation agreement.


Once all sets are delivered you have the option of paying via Check, Credit Card (4% fee), or online invoice payment through a 3rd party service (free).  Payment is due upon delivery and no sets will be left without payment.